The world of the internet is full of scams, tricks, and lies. That's sad but true. So when Jarett clicked on my advertisement for no money down homes he was skeptical - to say the least.

So, after discussing the program on the phone, we scheduled a time to meet. We discussed his wants, his needs and this program.

I asked him, "Do you have credit scores around 640 and do you make less then $150,000 per year."

He said YES! ✅

Well, I said - You're in! 🎉

That's it? There has to be more to it then that. 🙄

Nope. 👌

Here is the video of them signing their closing documents and talking about the program:

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Glenn & Craig did exactly what they said and everything went smooth. We were amazed by the whole experience and surprised at how simple it was to buy a home with no money down."

As you can see, Jarett & Cristina actually walked away with a $500.00 check at closing!

If you would like to be next to take advantage of this awesome program (while the Fed's are still funding it) then reach out now!

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Glenn Tompkins Re/Max Gold