With 5 straight years of a sellers market, buyers fighting over homes, and huge increases in median value, have things finally hit the peak? If so, what the heck happens next?

Is the market going to crash?
Keep moving forward?

In this weeks video I have condensed an hour long interview between Tom Ferry and Steve Harney. I take this video down to about 4 minutes and add statistics for the Sacramento / Folsom housing market. Steve Harney is one of Inmans Top 100 market influencers and a go-to source for real estate data. He was one of the first people I know of who was warning the world about the last housing market crash. One thing is for sure, Steve is positive that this change in the housing market is nothing like the last, and even things the market will go up in value over the next 5 years!

To see the entire interview you can go here:

With the change in the market I suggest checking the value of your home here:

So what the heck do you think is going to happen next....comment below!

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Glenn Tompkins