Are you thinking about buying a home in Folsom Ranch? 

If so there are 6 things that you MUST consider before even looking at them!

Homes for sale in Folsom Ranch

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The price of homes in Folsom Ranch have come down and to the untrained eye, you might think "why would I buy a resale home, when I can buy a brand new one in Folsom Ranch for the same price." Although there are many positives to buying a brand new home, there are several things you must consider before moving forward with your purchase.
In this video, I show you why you will end up paying about 65K more in Folsom Ranch. I also show you the hidden costs you may not be considering and a few other things to think about!

  1. Folsom Ranch homes will almost double your property taxes!
  2. All homes in Folsom Ranch have small yards.
  3. What will Folsom Ranch look like in 5, 10, 15 years?
  4. Chances are high that schools do not get built for several years.
  5. Lots of construction noise.
  6. There are a lot of hidden costs when buying a new home in Folsom Ranch.

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